The Wellbeing of the Nation

The Wellbeing of the Nation book – designed for the CSO based on a new venture into the type of statistics released for the citizens of Ireland. Working together with the statistician involved to visualise this alternative data was a project that was very well recieved by the public and media on this relevant topic.

The requirement for a set of national wellbeing or progress indicators has grown in recent years. Government and policy-makers need to know how Ireland is performing in a general sense, need data to assess economic and social conditions in the country, and require evidence to evaluate policy outcomes. Objective, independent, and important information will also be useful to the citizens of Ireland to aid their decision-making from both personal and business perspectives. It posits that other indicators such as health, education, and social connectedness are also required to supplement the more traditional economic indicators in measuring the progress of a society in full.

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  • Editorial design
  • Brand implementation


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