Impraise Ads


Refresh paid ads for a new campaign. These templates will help create variations for A/B tests fast to learn more about users and improve performance.


Impraise’s ethos is based around being the “People Enablement Platform” yet had no visual representation of this in their branding. I incorporated visuals of people in current working conditions eg. remote working from home and open plan offices, into their ads while still using their branding typography and shapes to set a text lockup and create negative space for buttons or alternative information for the future.


Aligning the design and art direction of the new ads with the marketing strategy of increasing the relevance of Impraise’s ads and drive more users to their website while differentiating from the current ads following the brand guidelines. The user needed to know that’s an ad from Impraise, but different from what they’ve seen yet. This process led these ads to triple their CTR.