The name of the show is Experior. The Latin for experiment, it translates as – I find out. I experience, I do. These words characterise a mantra or ethos that the class of 2015 have emulated since they first stepped through the doors of fashion. The conceptual approach of the project was inspired by the word Experimentation. Experimentation is what makes the Limerick School of Art and Design stand out. The fashion class of 2015 are an experiment themselves, different from the years above and below them in pure size, let alone in placement destinations, ambition and heart.
This class over the 4 years gained an exacting science, process, learning and intelligence to put behind each creative design, this is seen in no other college. The graduate designers, the college and Limerick are all prime examples of a sophisticated modern day experiment. Using the visual tropes of laboratory and clinical design to communicate the return of intelligible craft into design that is just that bit off register and unique, this where our visuals began to take shape.
Project Role

  • Logo
  • Branding
  • Printed ephemera
  • Editorial
  • Photography
  • Layout
  • Poster design


Anna Sidorova


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